Wallaby at Mt. William National Park, Tasmania

Exploring a lesser-known Tassie gem
Wallaby at Mt. William National Park, Tasmania © keiichihiki/iStock/Getty Images Plu

While Tasmania is already known for its beautiful coastal views and popular tourist spots like Mona and Cradle Mountain, you should also add Mt. William National Park to the list. Found on the state’s northeast coast, this hidden gem packs plenty of scenic walks including a 90-minute return trek to the park’s summit where you’re likely to encounter much of the natural wildlife. From Tasmanian devils to wombats, many creatures call this land their home. If you’re lucky, you might even spot one of the locals found on today’s homepage.

Interestingly, many wallaby species are grouped roughly by habitat, such as shrub wallabies, brush wallabies and rock wallabies. This wallaby seems incredibly content in a field of grass, which makes a lot of sense considering the mammal is a herbivore. In fact, its elongated face provides ample space towards the jaw for its large flat teeth useful for snacking on a variety of grasses and plants.