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8 free themes

Studio Ghibli Cartoon Free Wallpapers

Studio Ghibli releases free wallpapers to download and use as backgrounds for video calls.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Wallpapers

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 official desktop background.

Gears POP 4K Windows 10 Theme

Who would have thought General RAAM was so affectionate towards kittens, or that Marcus and Boomer would ever work together?! Enjoy these seven 4k images of the animated Gears POP! characters outside ...

Windows Throwback Theme Take Your PC back to 1985 Times

Take your PC back to 1985 with this tubular special-edition theme, inspired by the first year of Windows. Old-school meets new-school in these 10 totally bodacious, premium 4k images, free for Microso...

Red Sports Car Wallpapers

The color of passion and love, blood and romance, the power of crimson has been tapped to signify everything from danger to lust.

Landscapes of Ireland

The beauty of Ireland may not always be stated but this is a picturesque island that can be found in the North Atlantic.

2019 National Parks of Japan Calendar Wallpapers


Samsung Galaxy S10 Stock Wallpapers

Samsung Galaxy S10 wallpapers.