Sunset Themes

6 free themes

Desert Beauty PREMIUM 4K Windows 10 Theme

Sunsets, flowers, mountains, the moon - unexpected views of deserts around the world are captured in these 20 premium 4k images.

Community Showcase Dramatic Skies 2 Windows Theme

Our contributing photographers have captured nature’s remarkable palette in this free, 21-set Windows theme, the second installment in the Dramatic Skies series.

Community Showcase Dramatic Skies 3 Theme for Windows 10

Silhouetted shores, deserts, and mountains give way to the blazing colors of sunrise and sunset in this free, 21-set Windows theme.

Community Showcase Dramatic Skies Theme for Windows 10

Add the awe-inspiring beauty of the ever-changing sky to your desktop with this free, 19-set theme for Windows, captured by our community of contributors.

The Solar Eclipse Windows 10 Theme

Some of the most gorgeous, awe-inspiring, and surprising images from the total eclipse that tracked across North America. This 15-set theme for Windows is free.

An African Safari Theme for Windows 10

Cheetah cubs in the savannah, a giraffe in a misty forest, and zebra outlined by the Serengeti sunset. These are just a few of the magnificent African animals featured in this 20-image set, free for W...