Snow Themes

7 free themes

Arctic Camo Special Edition for Windows Themes Available Now

Complete the look of your Windows PC with this exclusive theme package with images perfectly coordinated with your Microsoft Bluetooth® Special Edition Mouse.

Ice Crystals PREMIUM 4K Theme for Windows 10

Etch your desktop with frosty swirls and elaborate patterns in these 15 premium 4k images, free for Windows 10 Themes.

Snow Sculptures Theme for Windows 10

From adorable snow people families, to majestic castles and intricate trains, marvel at the glittering creations in this 14-image set, free for Windows 10 Themes.

Snowy Mountains Windows 10 Theme

Peaks glitter under the moon, stars, and Northern Lights. Snowy sweeps reflect sunrise and sunset onto towering cliffs. Take in the views from the warmth of your desktop with this 18-image set, free f...

Frosty Art Windows 10 Theme

Frozen bubbles, crystalline leaves, and delicate buttercups show off their fragile sparkles in this 20-image set, free for Windows 10 Themes.

Ski Paradise Windows 10 Theme

Whether it's the Bunny Slope or Double Diamond, imagine the thrill of these snowy courses in this 16-image set, free for Windows 10 Themes.

Warm Winter Nights Theme for Windows 10

Cozy cabins illuminate the snowy night in this 18-image set, free for Windows 10 Themes.