Lake Themes

4 free themes

Water Retreat PREMIUM 4K Theme for Windows 10

Find peace in the sanctuary of these 20 premium 4k images, free for Windows 10 Themes.

Colorful Boats PREMIUM 4K Windows 10 Theme

These 14 images of bright and showy boats are free for Windows 10 Themes.

Russia Lake Baikal Windows 10 Theme

In southern Siberia, Russia, lies the largest - and deepest - freshwater lake in the world. Take in the beauty of Lake Baikal in these 15 images, free for Windows 10 Themes.

World National Parks Theme for Windows 10

Take a trip around the world to see some spectacular national parks. Travel to India, New Zealand, Canada, Chile, and many other countries in this free, 18-theme set for Windows 10.