Autumn Themes

5 free themes

Bridges in Autumn Windows 10 Theme

Take the scenic route home across bridges bathed in the reds, golds, corals, and greens of the fall season. With this free, 13-set theme for Windows, you'll find serenity right on your desktop.

Autumn in Czech Windows 10 Theme

Delight in these scenes from the Czech countryside painted in the hues of autumn. A free, 7-set theme for Windows.

Autumn Colors Windows 10 Theme

Go leaf peeping right from your desktop. Golden birches, country roads in full colors, and brilliant fall foliage are both spectacular and soothing in this 17-image free theme set for Windows 10.

Autumn in Sweden Windows 10 Theme

From the canals in Gothenburg to the avenues of Stockholm to the reindeer of Lapland, autumn falls over Sweden. Travel without leaving your desk with this free 14-image series for Windows 10 Themes.

Animals in Autumn Windows 10 Theme

Cool crisp air, crunching leaves, and wagging tails. Enjoy that autumn feeling along with lots of critters, big and small, in this 16 image theme set.