Animal Themes

22 free themes

Whales and Dolphins PREMIUM Wallpapers for Windows 10

Beautiful wallpapers of whales and dolphins for your desktop background.

Sloths PREMIUM Windows 10 Theme

Sloths spend most of their time hanging upside down. Take a look at these 15 beguiling faces in premium 4k, free for Windows 10 Themes.

Monsoons Windows 10 Theme

Follow the rains around the world, and the drenched critters who get caught in it, in these 16 images, free for Windows 10 Themes.

China Panda Bears Windows 10 Theme

Giant pandas and red pandas coexist in this 16-image set, free for Windows 10 Themes.

Otters Windows 10 Theme

Twelve adorable otter images splish and splash across your desktop in these free 4k Windows 10 themes.

Dogs and Cats Windows 10 Theme

Find your favorite fluffy, furry friend in these 15 images of cats and dogs. These images are free for Windows 10 theme.

National Geographic Hummingbirds PREMIUM 4K Windows 10 Theme

Find a wide range of the smallest of birds in this 12-image premium 4k set, free for Windows 10 Themes.

Wild Eyes PREMIUM 4K Theme for Windows 10

Time for a closeup! Look deeply into the stunning eyes of these 14 animals and birds in this premium 4k image set, free for Windows Themes.

The Animal Kingdom Theme for Windows 10

A mob of meerkats, a stately llama, and two adorable toads make up just a few of the 16 stunning images for this free Windows 10 Theme set.

Wildlife of India Theme for Windows 10

India is home to some of the most spectacular animals in the world. Get to know some of them with this free 15-image set for Windows 10 Themes.